Orbit File Error

I was initially getting the error:

“Error: [NodeID: Apply-Orbit-File] No valid orbit file found for 17-MAY-2021…”

so I installed all updates and the newest version (I was on version 6 I think, so now it is 8 with all updates and plugins installed) but I am still getting the error:

“Error: [NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File] qc.sentinel1.eo.esa.int”

I tried running my processes with the “don’t fail if orbit file can’t be found” selected but I got basically empty files, although it still took 17 hours to run.

My understanding is that the orbit file should be automatic, and most posts about this are old. I did find one unanswered post No Valid Orbit File Found. Download Orbit Files

Can anyone help? Thank you!