Ouput processed results with only coordinates terrain corrected

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I was wondering the following. Would it be possible to output processed radar data to a file in its original satellite coordinates (so rectangular grid without any interpolation done to it) while having the coordinates itself terrain corrected?

So for example, I like to take a subset from a debursted S1 product and output it to a file without any further processing done to it (just a subset of the raw data). In addition I like to have two bands that contains the lat-lon coordinate of the location where each of these raw pixels would end up at after terrain correction.

Do you guys consider it feasible to achieve this with the current toolbox?

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I think this would be useful.

At a lower level, exposing functions to do accurate forward and reverse geolocation of one point (or a list of points) would also be useful. E.g. passing a (row,column) image coordinate and getting the (lat,lon) of that point as output, or vice versa. The usual DEMs or a user-provided DEM would be used by the functions.
Writing these functions from scratch is far from straightforward, but I assume the building blocks are already in S1TBX.

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You can try the “Update Geo Reference” operator which generates a new geocoding for the source product using DEM and orbit state vectors exactly the same way as in TC.

Whether it is feasible or not, I guess the lat and lon affiliated with the original file are too rough to precisely geolocate each pixel.