Pins in Stack interferograms

Hello everyone,
I need to know a best way to create a stack of group of interferograms.

1- I am using 4 IFGs of the same Orbit. just different in dates.
2- I applied Terrain correction(Range-Doppler Terrain Corection).
3- Coregistration- Create Stack of my 4 IFGs.

after that it generate a stack within all needed data (Coh, Intensity) But only ONE Phase?

where are the others Phase images?

And after I created some Pins to check data. the Pins are not located at the sane Pixels.
whats the problemes with?

Many thanks in advance

maybe the phase bands are only virtual before the coregistration so they are skipped for the output?

I don’t think.

I tried with Raster- Geometriv- Collocation.
and it looks good to creat Stack

But the same problem with Pins + when I try to do time series I found only 3 Phases?

I think the problem with Phase images is that they consist of two dates. We also discuss this here at the moment: Time Series Analysis Tool - Possible Bug

Maybe @lveci can confirm if this conflicts with the functionality of the time-series tool.

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You mean that I need to recalculate my IFGs like
Becasue I tried with 3 and did’t works.
I’ll try and tell you.

Mr ABraun,
I tried with new IFGs

and the problem still appearing in the Stack?

sorry for the misunderstanding. It was not a suggestion, just a possible explanation why the time-series tool might struggle with interferograms. No matter how you compute it, it will always consist of two dates.

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and what about pins locations, they are not in the same pixels.

is there any method to shift bands (up/down, left/right) manually?