Pixel spacing after terrain-correcting a TerraSAR-X complex stripmap image

My question is in a way related to this one.
But, I couldn’t find my answer there so I created a new topic for it.

I’m working with a TerraSAR-X complex (SSC) Stripmap image that has roughtly the following pixel spacing in range and azimuth in meters:

  • range_spacing: 0.909
  • azimuth_spacing: 1.707

When I do a terrain-correction, it doesn’t pick the pixel spacing of the biggest one in the original image, as the value given to the pixel spacing of the output image becomes = 2.23.

Is this because of the fact that the image I’m dealing with is complex?
i.e. it hasn’t been multilooked yet, as stated here and the pixels aren’t squared.

If so, did SNAP project the 1.707 pixel spacing above on the ground, before working out the pixel spacing of the output terrain-corrected product?