Problem in Finding Number of bursts(S-1 GRD)

Hi, I’m finding number of bursts in S-1 GRD File.
I saw page 9 of “Definition of the TOPS SLC deramping function for products generated by the S-1 IPF”.
The document says there is number of bursts in “burstList count”.
However in S-1 GRD File’s annotation xml file, burstList count’s value is zero.
How can I find number of bursts per subswaths?
Thank you!

GRD images data are already debursted and multi-looked projected,




Thank you for replying. If so, is there any way to find number of bursts?

It’s easy to find so in the SLC, S-1 image

Could you please give some hints about this?

I am working on snap2stamps scripts and would like to extract the burst numbers using snappy in the scripts to switch GRAPH used in the tool. Reason is to avoid the ESD error caused by single burst image.