Problem to clip AOI with vector data

when I try to clip an AOI with a polygon vector data the software stop and I get this java exception error message


this error message is not very clear. Please describe what data you use, which processing you applied and what kind of shapefile you use.

I’m getting “java error messages” when try to clip a Sentinel-2_L2A (atm. corrected) scene, WGS 84/UTM 24S, 24TMYV tile, resampled to 10 m with SNAP, using a *.shp polygon (with the same geodesic parameters of the scene) and the Land/Sea Mask. This, and others problems with graph builder, batch processing, have been occurred with this dell notebook with W10 + Dell package + Mcaffee antivirus pre-installed. So I wonder if this occurs because of OS and/or antivirus restrictions. Thinking would be necessary to manually install java + netbeans package ?

maybe there are some incorrect geometries in the shapefile? Would you mind sharing it here?

No, I don’t. I want to undestand what is happening that I can run Snap on my old note, but cannot do it with the new one. Here is going two zipped *.shp. (23.6 KB)

thank you

I can confirm that it works for both geometries, so the shapefile is not the source of the error.

Maybe you check if the Java version is up to date:

Problem with w10 ? Graph builder and batch processing are not running in my new dell notebook intel I7, 64 bits, 16 gb dram with pre installed w10 and mcafee antivirus. For two times I got a message some like “java error” but after that nothing else appear. I’ve changed snap 6 by 7, returned to 6 and nothing change. I need help
Thanks a lot

That is not very specific. Please provide more information.

From the log directory I got some like “java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1” as part of a message.

a print of the message

Sorry. The problem is that I’m trying to built a graph and run a batch processing
but both algorithms are not running on snap 6.0; and nothing happens.
I get a

message of exception like these screenshot.

please update to SNAP 7.0 to make sure it is not a bug.

Ok. I will do it and reply to you as soon as I finish a classification process.

I removed snap 6 and install v 7.0. but the problem still there.
the same “unexpected execution” message comes from graph builder and batch processing algorithms
and nothing happens. I wonder about a conflict with pre installed softwares W10 or mcaffee or dell applications

do you mind sharing the graph file in here? The error message does not tell much.

do not open the graph build window

you mean the graph builder window does not even open?

What is the installation path of SNAP and what is the path of the user folder?

C:\Program Files\snap


the auxdata and the scenes are in C:\Users\smiltonpds\Pictures\SENTINEL-2

very strange, I see nothing suspicious here.

Does it make a difference if you open the graph builder via the toolbar or via the menu (Tools > Graph Builder)?

in both cases via Toolbar or via Tools > graph the graph builder window do not open.