Problem using sen2cor in the Graph builder after installation

After successfully downloading the sen2cor plugin for SNAP v3.0.4 (now v4.0 and still no luck although it does give me far more Thermal Land Processing Tools) I am trying to use it in the graph builder tool so I can create a processing chain.

I can perform it individually under the Optical–>Thermal Land Processing–>Sen2Cor for any image but it is not giving me the option in the graph builder only NDVIOP.

I have restarted SNAP after the download and had no success.

Have I missed a simple integrating step or perhaps it cannot be done this way?

There is indeed a problem with the Standalone Tools Adapter, we created the following issue: SNAP-532. Thanks for reporting.

I have been reading about this thread, but haven´t found how to solve the issue of the integration of sen2cor in SNAP Desktop 5.0.
Everything fine until the tools/manage external tools step, in which there are no such adapters.
The only things that I can do from that dialog are:

  1. change the adapters location. Where should I point it to?
  2. new. But I think that will be still more troublesome as I am not sure how to fill in the parameters, and all of the boxes in the associated forms.
    Any suggestions to non-programmer users?

have a look under plugins. Here you can add sen2cor to your external tools:

I have only managed to add the url to the tab of settings:

External tools: empty

Today miracously it was there. But…the variable HOME directory is not there in the Manage External Tools

I´m typing the directory (followed the recommendation on the C/documents/sen2cor for that variable) but it says the executable tool is not there.
Will it also say something else later about the python path doesn´t exist already in the Warnings?
It might be that I´m almost there…
more tips??
Thanks a lot

try to add the full variable to your python.exe

About the SEN2COR_HOME variable, maybe this helps you: