Problems obtaining an interferogram from two product sets

Hi all,

I am doing my first steps in SAR interferometry. In this context, I am trying to obtain an interferogram from the last Ishinomaki (Japan) earthquake.

For this purpose I am using three overlaping SLC IW images of two different dates:

October 21st, 2016:

November 14th, 2016

I am using this graph to process it:

I am a bit lost about if my graph has any sense or not (this graph based on the TOPSAR graphs included in SNAP after reading/viewing all the ESA tutorials online).

The main issue is that this graph is running since 5 days ago in an i7/64 gb/SSD/GTX 980 ti machine. Some hours ago after launching the execution the progress bar was at 8% and after that the progress is 1% per processing day. It is taking too long!!!

Do you see any issue in my graph or can you show me a better way to use two SLC IW overlapping product sets? Regarding the product used, I just found IW SLC for this place and dates.

Thank you in advance,


The slice assembly may be too much for it process. Try doing the slices separately and then apply slice assembly after.

Monster-graphs are usually a lot slower than cutting the work into smaller pieces.