Problems opening ASTER/HDF files in SNAP

First of all, Greetings and many thanks for the very useful SNAP software and this related forum.

Secondly, my issue is that I can not open ASTER/HDF files downloaded from the EarthExplorer website.

Please, Could someone help me with this topic?

Best regards and many thanks beforehand for your help,


Please, Could someone help me with this topic?

The standard procedure for HDF files is this:

I was able to open the L1T product.

Many thanks for the reply, Andreas. I have already done the same procedure several times with 2 different computers and 2 different SNAP versions, and for some unknown reason, it do not work. Did you use a HDF file downloaded from the EarthExplorer/USGS website?

A possible reason could be the HDF version (HDF4 versus HDF5)?

yes, exactly

I am however unsure about the information content, because I expected more bands than just 5. There is also the “Visible Product” which is downloaded as a tif file and only contains three bands.

You can try my dataset: AST_L1T_00309302015103956_20151001082516_8777

Thanks, Andreas. I have been using the “Standard Product” with the 14 bands, which I have problems to open with SNAP. I will try with the other options to download, but the ideal option is the complete product with the 14 bands that includes, VIS, NIR, SWIR and TIR bands with different spatial (pixel size) and radiometric resolutions, which I think may be an issue.

yes, I also used the Standard Product but only 5 bands were recognized by SNAP. Maybe ASTER is not fully supported.

Yeah, I think so. I hope these issues with the ASTER/HDF data can be solved in the near future. Many thanks again, Andreas. Cheers