Problems with linux install of SNAP version 8.0

Hello Everyone!

I have installed version 8.0 on my linux computer, running ubuntu release 18.04. I have installed and reinstalled several times now but I get the same problems.

When SNAP opens I get the ‘unable to install colour palettes’ error.

I use SNAP to analyze S2-MSI images but I cannot open products from .xml Nothing happens when I try this.

I can open .nc files generated by ACOLITE.

I just tried supervised classification using maximum likelihood and also got an error.

Any ideas?

Do you use CephFS? This could be an issue.

Or you don’t have write access to the .snap directory in your user_home for some other reason.
At least the message that colour palettes could not be installed sounds like this.

It could be helpful if you attach the log file here:

also… are you using the snap package manager? you will need to move that “.snap” from the “Sentinel Application Platform” somewhere else…

Somehow the .snap folder was owned by root. I manually deleted everything and reinstalled. Now it’s working

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