Problems with spatial subset

I’m using a batch processing to process a time series, the graph that I’m using is structured in this way:

The coordinates of the subset are extracted as WKT from the rectangle of my interest took at the beginning from one reference image. Now the problem is that every subset seems to be cut in a different way:

Is there a way to solve this problem?


Is this related to this issue?
Per-pixel geocoding drops large portions of scenes.
Then it should be solved in SNAP 6.

At least the subsets lay correctly over each other. Maybe not all scene cover your area in the same way?

I had exactely the same problem, reported in this topic:

but I used already the SNAP-6 version, using Tie-point geocoding instead of per-pixel geocoding. I found the only solution to be Un-abling the “Preserve resolution option” and resampling with Bilinear interpolation.