PSI using SNAP-STaMPS workflow in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

One issue I encountered with StaMPS is that you need gcc 7 and g++ 7. I have an Ubuntu 20.04 VM and the default version is gcc 9 and g++ 9. StaMPS failed to compile properly. I had to downgrade to version 7.

You can check your versions using this command:

this is true. Please see here:

I tried before, it fixed the “segmentation fault” problem but still it won’t run properly, i think i should re install Ubuntu/WSL

Reinstall should be a last resort, and often just gets you back in the same unhappy place.

Have you searched the forums for other reports of your current problem?

If you can provide more details of what doesn’t work someone may recognize the issue an suggest a fix. For starters, there is the original WSL and also WSL2 which uses a real linux kernel and a VM. If your system supports WSL2 and you are using the old WSL it is probably worth trying WSL2. The procedure to change uses wsl.exe and is
time-consuming. You can revert back to WSL if there are new problems with WSL2, but most people prefer WSL2. Also WSL2 will be getting native graphics.

Can you provide full details of your processing steps up to the one that doesn’t work so others can try to reproduce the issue? It is often easiest if you attempt to reproduce a tutorial as others will already have the tutorial data.

As for my personal experience Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is best for StaMPS code. Try it once.

Thanks, currently switching to Wsl 2 and see what that does.

I tried reproducing the same steps in the tutorial above, but after launching mt_prep_snap it stops at mt_extract_cands

Update: after switching to Wsl 2 I’ve been having a “Segmentation violation detected” error message with matlab crashing right after that, I also found other crash reports saved from previous attemps meaning it’s the same issue even if it didn’t show up the same message.

Anyone knows how to fix it ?

Hello @amirolinxa Hope it finds you well! I want to ask you one thing that in PSI using SNAP_STAMPS tutorial 1 _Installation and preperation.pdf it is mentioned that “In case you couldn’t figure it out how to install matlab in wsl, it is also possible to
just move the prepared package by STaMPS to windows and also copy and paste
all the files in stamps>MATLAB folder to the same folder and continue the
rest of the steps in windows” What folders I need to copy from stamps installation folder in WSL to psi_insar folder in windows.?
I have copied folder named ‘PATCH_1’ and contents of stamps->matlab folder (in WSL) to psi_insar->InSAR_Master_20201027(in windows) but it is giving me following error!image|690x329
Did I copied the right folders at right destination of I am doing something wrong?

Sorry if i replied late. Actually, it has been a long time that I am not working with that. but, about your question. I remmeber there are some process that hase to be done in linux and they need both MATLAB STaMPS. but after you finished the STaMPS process, you can move the prduced file to windows to work on it. I rememebr you also have to move some MATLAB files that are already in STaMPs folder. matlab need them to continue the process.

Hey! did you get any answer? maybe in private messages? i needed to copy the contents of stamps
but it also gives me an error
do you have any solution? thanks!

Thank you so much @amirolinxa for your response. I will try again considering your suggestion.

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I haven’t yet resolved this issue. I will try it again. I have an alternative solution that I have got MATLAB for linux and i will try to install it and proceed in WSL.


Dear StaMPS user,

I have processed Sentinel-1 SAR images along with ERS and EnviSAT images during my PhD.
This work were focused on the monitoring of residual mining subsidence over decades and the related paper has been accepted.
I had also a computer with Linux System during this period.

Now, I am doing a Postdoc in another lab, on a similar topic, the potential induced subsidence by CoalBed Methane (CBM) extraction.
But, here people are not really familiar with linux.
Moreover, we have chosen to have an intern to process Sentinel-1 images over the period 2014-2019.
Of course, the internship includes a period to discover and understand InSAR techniques by reading papers (Hooper) and books (Feretti).

So, my question : is it possible to perform the processing of Sentinel-1 SAR images with the SNAP-StaMPS only on Windows ? Or is it mandatory to install a WLS or to perform some steps on a computer with a Linux system ?
From what I understand, the main limiting step regarding this point is the first selection based on the amplitude dispersion of each pixel. Am I right ?

Guillaume Modeste

Some reported in here that they managed to get results in Windows as well, but you have to be careful about the compilation of the scripts and how they are called in the shell, espeically the mt_prep at the beginning. In my experience, Windows always raised additional errors, so it might be easier to install linux as an additional system or on a separate machine. If this is not possible, you can try the instructions from the first post, but you might have to get around some individual issues (with probably less people who can help).

How comfortable are you with linux? For people in positions similar to yours (and with some linux experience) I recommend that they look around for an old, unloved and unwanted windows system that can re-purposed to linux. There are huge advantages to using the same platform as the the developers of mission-critical software are using. If you encounter a problem using the same platform, it is easy for the developers to duplicate the issue (or explain your mistake). Using a different platform increase the difficulties in troubleshooting. In my pre-retirement workplace, heavy lifting is done with linux, but at some point there are data clients who use Windows and will import data into ArcGIS, Matlab, etc. on Windows. A couple issues to consider:

  1. If your workflow relies on a commercial package such as Matlab you need to examine the license policies to see if you will be able to obtain a Matlab license for the linux machine, and

  2. If your organization uses a Windows fileserver, there can be administrative issues with access to Windows network filesystems.

Gnwiii, I understand your point regarding the use of the Linux system.
Unfortunately, I am not that confortable with Linux …
In my current lab, they mainly have computers with OS system, some with Windows and none with Linux …

But thanks for your answers, I let you know about my advancements and results.

Hello everybody. I am new to Stamps, I am trying to PSI from wsl. Followed the instructions in the videos and the pdf.
However I have a problem, “mt_prep__snap: command not found”.
Maybe for you it is something simple, but I am stuck in this step.
Thank you very much to all or your comments, I have learned a lot from you.

Have you modified and sourced the config file correctly as described in the manual?

The error indicates that this has not worked out well.

Hi guys,

We are at the part B of the snap2stamps processing chain, meaning the creation of the ifg.
There are 20 processor cores and 64 Go of Ram in the computer.
However, it takes more than 1h to realize this step for a full sub swath …
From what I remember, that was not the case when I work on linux.
Is the duration of processing related to the operating system ?


have you adjusted the -J-Xmx parameter in the snap.conf file?