Radar Interferometry

can anyone tell me the difference between structural baseline an temporal baseline… i am little confused

Where did you read about the term ‘structural baseline’? I could’t find anything related. Do you have any reference?

All I could think of would be ‘structural decorrelation’ but this is also used quite rarely.

By “structural baseline” you may mean “perpandicular baseline” ?

If it’s so, the perpandicular baseline represent the geometrical distance between the satellite two acquisitions and the temporal baseline is the lag between this two acquisitions.

Depending of your needs, you may use short or large baseline (displacement vs DEM for example).

Hope it answers your question but like ABraun said there’s no baseline called “structural” or I never heard it also…

we have
can any one tell me how i can enhancing the deformation fringes and
at the same time diluting the atmospheric fringes by summing
independent interferograms in complex domain… is there any software or algorithm available.

Hi, I don’t understand your “we have” ? Was it clear what I said to you ?

For the others points here is an article who may respond to your question about atmospheric effect :
Atmospheric Effects on InSAR Measurements and Their Mitigation
Xiao-li Ding,1,* Zhi-wei Li,2 Jian-jun Zhu,2 Guang-cai Feng,1 and Jiang-ping Long1

Concerning deformation fringes enhancing, I’m not an expert so I can’t give you advice on it … But surely you can find some scientific articles about this issue.

how can one identify the permanent scatterer points… if we haven’t any idea about a place

I recommend these

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Does anyone know how to identify and remove the the atmospheric effect from D-InSAR measurements? (I know that PS and SBAS can do it)

Please take a look at this link,

Toolbox for Reducing Atmospheric InSAR Noise http://www.davidbekaert.com/#contact

Take a look at this post as well,

Source of the post

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