Radiometric terrain flattening

this is the error showing,so what should i do

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i have perform following operation before running terrain correction
1.orbit file
2. calibration beta nought
3.slice assembly

you have to deburst after calibration.

sir but the deburst is valid for SLV product?
i have run deburst but its poping an error that "deburst is for SLV data

sorry, I didn’t see that you are working on a GRD product.
Then why do you use the slice assembly?

my Area lie in two scene of sentinal 1A data , so to mosaic both data i have done slice assembly.

I think in this case you first have to process each scene individually and then merge them together.

in this sense i have to perform
1.orbit file
2.calibration beta nought
3.terrain flatnning
for every scene sir
but sir i have a question that can i perform slice assembly after the above mention steps

i have done for each scene but its also showing the same above error which i have uploaded

have you selected Beta0 as the input of Terrain Flattening?

yes sir i have done the same

the only thing I could think of (based on your screenshots) would be skipping the multi-looking as Flattening works on slant geometries . You also made various subsets. If leaving out the multi-looking doesn’t work , try to make only one subset before flattening.

sir am i following the right process

Hi sir. i have the same problem. i downloaded and are working on a GRD product of sentinel 1.

i have perform following operation before running terrain correction

  1. Thermal noise removal
  2. Apply Orbit file
  3. Calibration to Beta0
  4. Speckle filtering
  5. Radiometric terrain flattening

Hi you both that are having problem. Make sure you are no saving in db. That could be why.

Hi,everybody,I downloaded and are working on a SLC product of sentinel 1.image
but i got a dummy band after running Terrain Flattenning20200503183721
i have perform following operation before running terrain flattening
1.apply orbit
2.thermal noice removal
3.radiometric calibration

Terrain Flattening needs Beta0 (explanation here).

Select “Output Beta0” in the Calibration operator, then selecect Beta0 as input bands in the Terrain Flattening.

Thank you so much.I will try again .