Random forest classification problem with mixing classes

Dear all,

Did you recently do ’random forest’ classification in SNAP with version 7 in windows?

It is ok for maximum likelihood but it is not working for ‘RF’ and classes are mixed.

It mixed classes with NAN that’s why I got training samples over ‘NAN’ area as well which previously worked but this time is not working.

Same problem like me? Any idea how we should do?
Actually I tested it for version 6 but same.


same problem here but no solusion

Have you made sure it is not related to the definition of the confidence threshold?

I have seen both cases in this forum:

  • pixels are classified as NaN because their confidence is too low
  • pixels are classified as NaN because one of the input bands is NaN at this location

Thanks @ABraun for reply…non of them…but I converted ‘NAN’ values to (-1000) and then it is solved now but I think this is a bug in the SNAP because sometimes I see this and everytime, I should find a new way to handle it.

I’m not sure if I understood correctly. You gave all NaN pixels in the classified product the value of -1000?

No, I gave all NAN values in input products ‘-1000’. My inputs values were between 0 to 255.

oh, I see.
Does it also work when the “Use NoData value” option is disabled in the band properties of all input rasters?