Random Forest Classifier struggles with long names


I am training and applying a Random Forest classifier on a stack of multiple Sentinel-1 images which were preprocessed and stacked to one product. Each raster has a separate name including the date.

I train on a raster which is also included in the stack and use the S1 images as features:

The computation starts and seems to work but once the classifier is to be saved, the following message occurs:
“Classifier cannot be saved: some feature bands have same name - Sigma0_VH_db”


There is not band with this name in the stack, all names are unique and longer, as you see in the first screenshot.

One workaround is to rename all bands: 01_Sigma0, 02_Sigma0, but this takes very long and is a quite unnecessary step.


This might be related to the SNAP-933 issue. At least sounds similar.


that’s possible, yes.


For those who have the same problem. As stated above, a solution is to rename the bands, for example like this:

Error: Some feature bands have same name

Dear sir

Here you are using processed images to train the raster.

Means, is it the solution to train the raster while doing random forest classification, when we don’t have training data(ground truth data) ?

if it is not can you please suggest me, how to train raster when we don’t have ground truth or training data ?

D K Rao