RCM 30 meter compact pol ScanSAR SLC debusting


I am new to the forum so please forgive me if I posted in a wrong thread.
With more and more RCM data are available to us, I wonder if SkyWatch team would implement something to read/debust the RCM compact pol 30 meter ScanSAR SLC in SNAP.
I am using the SNAP 8.01 which can deal with RCM CP 5 or 16 m Stripmap SLC pretty well. The 30 meter RCM CP ScanSAR data need to be debusted and there is an error message whenever you try to open 30 meter ScanSAR SLC data.
The SNAP S1tbx software has been very valuable in our SAR data processing. It would be greatly appreciated if there is a functionality developed in SNAP in reading/debusting RCM CP 30 m SLC data.


This is a great question as it also helps to answer earlier threads about loading RCM products into SNAP (Reading RCM data problem). The GRD products can be imported in, but I have not been successful in getting the 30 m SLC loaded with the following error:

It is good to know that CP 5 or 15 m Stripmap SLC works, but my area of interest only has Compact-Pol ScanSAR 30m Resolution 125km

Looking forward to an update on this.

Might need to unpack the zip outside of SNAP, before you open the manifest.SAFE file. Does that help?