Reading RCM data problem

I have downloaded 3 SAR RCM data products from the Canadian Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS). The RCM Product reader of SNAP cannot open the data. The error message says: [input:…]: The Product "RCM2_" already contains a band with the name ‘Intensity_HH’.

I have installed the latest version of SNAP (8.0). Anybody has had this problem before?

I am experiencing this same problem right now, with the latest version of SNAP (8.0) installed.

Since my other post was closed (but this post has not been addressed)

Hi there,

I wanted to report that RCM data downloads from EODMS cannot be opened using v 8.0 of SNAP. For some files, when I open using the “manifest_safe” file, or the .zip file I get the response "The Product RCM… already contains a band with the name “i_HH2” for instance. These are SLC files with single, dual, quad, or compact pol bands stored as tifs in the imagery folder.

For files with imagery stored as .ntf, I can open the data using the “manifest_safe” file, but can only view Quicklooks of the acquisition, not the band imagery (i or q arrays).

Am I doing something wrong here?

Hello all,

The use of RCM data appear to be short threads that tend to be unresolved. Can anyone point me to documentation pertaining to the use of RCM products, including SLC, in SNAP? I have seen moderator comments that RCM code will be released, but again an old thread. New issues appear to have arisen in v8. Just looking for an update, should there be one.


I’m pretty much in the same boat, so I’m just bumping up this thread with the hopes that there’s any response or new information.