RCM data import does not work (v8.0, regardless of input file selected)

Hi there,

I wanted to report that RCM data downloads from EODMS cannot be opened using v 8.0 of SNAP. For some files, when I open using the “manifest_safe” file, or the .zip file I get the response "The Product RCM… already contains a band with the name “i_HH2” for instance. These are SLC files with single, dual, quad, or compact pol bands stored as tifs in the imagery folder.

For files with imagery stored as .ntf, I can open the data using the “manifest_safe” file, but can only view Quicklooks of the acquisition, not the band imagery (i or q arrays).

Am I doing something wrong here?

I think this topic refers to the same question: Reading RCM data problem