RCM processing crashes when projecting (ellipsoid correction)

I am trying to process some RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) SAR images.

I am able to successfully calibrate and speckle filter them, but when I project them (Average height range doppler Ellipsoid Correction) SNAP just gets stuck. I have tried with several images and the processing bar gets stuck at around 20% (I left one running for about 8 hours and it made no progress). This happens both using the graph builder/batch processing and doing the task individually on the main GUI.

Any ideas on fixes or work-arounds?

Have you tested the other Ellipsoid Correction (Geolocation Grid) if it works for you?
Are you using the latest version of SNAP?

Thank you. If I try GG correction I get an immediate error message:

‘Product without slant range time tie point grid’.

I am using SNAP 9.

hm, could be a metadata issue. Is your data acquired over the ocean? You could still try the Range Doppler Terrain Correction and disable “mask out areas without elevation”.

I’m afraid it also just gets stuck doing that. I will check in with the provider to see if there’s an issue with the files themselves.

@grantmac89 did you find the solution. I am also facing the same issue.