RCM terrain correction issues


I wanted to revisit an issue that myself and it seems several other people in the forum have had over the years.

There appears to be an problem when terrain correcting various types of RCM imagery. In my case, the images are ScanSAR 50 or 100 GRD images. Here is a list of various scenes that fail for me:

I have subsetted and calibrated previous to the terrain correction and am fairly certain it is unrelated to anything in these steps, as there are other ScanSAR scenes over my study region that successfully terrain correct. During terrain correction it seems to get hung up with CPU usage becoming very high, but progress seemingly halting. Out of 100s of scenes I have downloaded and am pre processing, the issue appears to happen approximately once for every ~5 to 10 images.

Links to unresolved threads of others who potentially have had the same issue:

Any thoughts or help appreciated. I’ve reached out to the Canadian space agency and they think it may be an issue on the software side, though I’m not convinced.

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@djagula can you have a look at this? Thanks


A JIRA ticket ([SNAP-3724] - JIRA) has been created to track the issue. We will look into it. Thank you.

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Thanks for taking a look.

I see that there has been a fix committed. Is there a rough time frame of when it may get released in an update?

The issue has been fixed and the fix should be in the next release. I am not sure about the time of the release. But it should be very soon. Thank you