RCM Low Noise 100m Terrain Correction Issues

Hi! I’m trying to perform Terrain Correction on RCM (RADARSAT Constellation Mission) Low Noise 100m GRD images and processing freezes or throws an error.
My pipeline is as follows:

  1. Calibration with only one polarization Amplitude and Intensity bands selected.
  2. Range-Doppler TC. As my images are in the polar regions, I’ve tested all the DEM available (e.g. all except SRTM).

Other functions, requiring DEM: Radiometric Terrain flattering, SAR Simulation, SAR Simulation TC stack as well.
I’m running it on Windows, v9.0.0, s1tbx v9.0.3., 32 GB RAM
I’ve tested on 2 datasets with the same result.
Here is log for RDTC on calibrated image with CopDEM90m (SNAP was closed after 20 min of stacked processing).
messages.log (77.1 KB)

The same pipeline works perfectly with RCM Medium Res 50m product.
Are there any known issues with RCM Low Noise 100m product processing in SNAP?

I’ve searched the forum for similar issues, but all of them were raised before this product release.

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Are you using the latest SNAP version? The Copernicus DEM is global and should be the default. Anyway, without more information it’s not possible to troubleshoot what is going on.

SNAP v9.0.0 and S1TBX v9.0.3
Any version of CopDEM doesn’t work with this product.
What info will be useful for this issue?

See the Forum FAQ:


Thank you! Edited. I hope, this makes more sense now.

One thing that comes to mind is that the remove GRD border noise is a Sentinel-1 specific operator and probably non-functional for other mission. Perhaps it should be made excluded from other missions @jun_lu @mfitrzyk

Just to be clear: I didn’t use S-1 Remove GRD Border Noise on this image.