Relative heights to absolute heights in DEM generation?


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I have been looking for this question along the forum and I have found several people asking for this topic (the best example in here) but I haven´t found a clear answer for it (I apologise if I’m duplicating the topic).
So, my main question is, can I use SNAP 3.0 to convert relative heights to absolute ones? What I have to use and do if SNAP can be used to this purpose? Or maybe, on the other hand, I have to use other type of software?

I have read in the linked topic that I attach before that the idea to make this conversion it’s to have a known altitude point and change the altitude for the rest of points based on this one. I do understand this in theory but I don’t know how to put it in practise, any suggestion?

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Well, finally I have solved my question. If anyone has this same question in the future, I have to say that the elevation map that SNAP computes is correct, I mean, the altitudes already are absolute heights (not relative), Google Maps has the possibility of giving heights for a given coordinate, I checked my elevation map comparing with the data of Google Maps and are very similar.

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Thank you!
Could you please give the steps that you did to get correct DEM using SNAP. Actually, I am trying to build a DEM using two S1 SLC but I am not getting a good result. The temporal and perpendicular baselines of my data are: 12 days and 62m.