Reprojection tool in graph builder won't stay on UTM

I’m using SNAP 9.0.0 with a standard S2 product.

When I run my graph including the reproject tool to set to WGS84 UTM (Automatic), the setting gets changed back to WGS84 lat/lon and the images come out in lat/lon (need them in UTM). First I build my graph and set reprojection parameters to WGS84 UTM (Automatic):

When I go to the batch graph processor it has changed back to WGS84 lat/lon. When I reopen the xml file in the graph builder it has changed too:

Does anyone know what’s happening?

Also, the subset tool won’t let me change the reference band (set to B1 and greyed out):

Edit: I checked the xml and it does indeed record the UTM projection setting, but the false northing is set to 0.0:

Every time you open the Graph Builder you have to specify the parameters. The same happens with the Batch Processing from the GUI.

Thanks for the response.

Okay, I understand that for the reproject tool now. My other problem is similar, which is why I think I was getting confused. The subset tool won’t hold the pixel coords either. I set the tool as such:

When I click on another tab in the batch processor and then go back to subset the values of width and height have been reset:

I thought it was related to the other issue but I don’t think so. If I run the tool, even with the tab set to “reset” and width and height set to 1000, the results come out with the width and height reset and thus the wrong subset. Should I make a new topic for this?

Okay, according to this post you should really use pixel coords in batch processing. I replaced it with WKT based on a geometry in SNAP and it works fine. Thanks for the help.

I would say reprojection should be the last step, after all of the preceding steps. Splitting the graph in two might help.