Retriving chlorophyll and turbidity from sentinel data

How do I retrive Turbidity and clorophyll using Sentinel 2A - L2A?

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I’m not aware of a tool using S2 L2A for water retrieval.

The L2A contain land surface reflectances and not water leaving reflectances. Therefore, it is not good to use them.
That’s also the reason processors like C2RCC start from L1C. Often there is a close relation between AC and water retrieval.

Other possibilities than C2RCC are Acolite and Polymer:

Maybe @abruescas can correct me or add additional information.

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Thanks Mr. Peters for the feedback!

Could you please guide me?
If I have to retrieve Turbidity and clorophyll from water. Which process should I follow?
Should I work on L1C Or L2A? and what will be the further process?

You should use L1C as input. Afterwards you need to use one of those processors I have mentioned.
Which one I can’t say. The quality of the results can be different depending on your region.
I can’t provide a general guide. The usage and configuration of each is different.
Personally, I would say use the C2RCC, because I’m involved in the development.
I would suggest that you look into the respective help pages and try which one works for you best.

You can find also videos on youtube about the C2RCC: c2rcc - YouTube
Also, for Acolite, there are some available: acolite sentinel - YouTube

Thank you for the revert!

Hi, Mr.Peters
On commerciel basis… I have a requirement to process L1C data using C2RCC? Can you do this? It will be commercial.

Hi Priti,

sure, you can use C2RCC for creating commercial products.
But it would be nice if you give the C2RCC Team some credits. For example, that you say somewhere that you have used C2RCC. You can cite it like this:

Replace {USED-VERSION} by the latest version you have used for your processing.

Thank you for the revert!!