S-1 GRD IW product actual spatial resolution


I have a question about the S-1 GRD IW product spatial resolution. It closely relates to [an existing post in this forum](Actual resolution of Sentinel-1 - #2 by mengdahl and https://forum.step.esa.int/t/pixel-spacing-is-same-as-spatial-resolution-in-sentinel-1-sar-images/10916) which has been answered. I would like to make sure that a High Resolution GRD IW product has an actual spatial resolution of 20 x 22 m , as also mentioned in the User Guide , and that the 10 x 10 m pixel spacing results from resampling (which does not add extra spatial information).
I have come across journal publications (can provide details upon request) that state that S1 GRD products have a 10m resolution, which I think is a wrong statement.

I will much appreciate clarification on this question.


ps. I am aware that similar questions abiut S1 spatial resolution have been posted before but I could not find an answer to my question

I agree. Saying that Sentinel-1 data has spatial resolution of 10x10 is kind of an over-simplification.
The pixels are spaced 10 by 10 meters, but that’s not necessarily the spacing at which the data was initially captured/processed.

Thank you Andreas for the clarification!