S-1 Slice Assembly Error caused by Product's Folder Name

Dear Develop Team,

As SliceAssembly op after EAPPhaseCorrection op mention, the SliceAssembly function will cause error in some condition.

After some simple tests, I found that the SliceAssembly operator recognized the sensing time by product’s folder name. As the result, if the folder name doesn’t content with start time and end time, an error occurred like this:

Error: [Node:SliceAssembly] String index out of range: 48

In my testing, I use these products:

if the product folder name change to for example:

SliceAssembly operator occurred error.

Use format like:
everything is fine.

Finally,I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I think that the information input to SliceAssembly operator should depend on metadata, not folder name.
Hope this result helps other with this problem.