S2 resampling processor tool (Behind the scenes)

I work directly on Sentinel2 files for an European Institution, and we need to reproduce in Python exactly the same process (S2 resampling processor) in order to downsample some bands from an L1C (B2, B4->10m to 60m, B8A-> 20m to 60m specifically). Where can I find these kind of information? Do you use gdal lib? I tried with cv2 with different setting and this one image_registration/image_registration/fft_tools/downsample.py at master · keflavich/image_registration · GitHub (with numpy.nanmean). Any suggestion? It would be great use snappy, also. Where can I start to check if it is already (and correctly) installed on my linux/python env? We still have snap of course.
Thanks in advance, Mirko.

There are already some topics about SNAP use in Python. You can start here:

By chance I found this, maybe it can be useful: