S3 Time-series problems

I produced three different products, all of them having one band with the same name inside. I am able to produce the time-series for that band, however from the time-series tool, it is NOT possible to:
-Unable the “Show at curson position” functionality: the graph keeps being ALWAYS interactive and displaying values when moving the cursor on the image, therefore it is not possible to unable it at some point and to save the plot of your interest, becauae as soon as you move the mouse out of the image, all values disappear!
-Export the graph to a file or image, because of the above
-“Show graphs for collected pins” option: it simply does not work
-“Show averaged ROI” option: it simply does not work
Would it be possible to solve these issues or to give us a work-around for it?
thanks a lot

The Time Series tool is a component of the S1TBX. I moved it into this project.
The tool is currently very closely coupled to SAR data. With optical data, it seems not to work well or not all. See also Time Series Analysis Tool - Possible Bug. So in the short term, there will probably be no workaround or fix. It needs to wait for the time when we overhaul the time-series functionality.