S5P Product

Hello everyne
Iam a new user of Snap
I downloaded some products from S5P
Whan I want to Open these products, some of them such as O 3 and so2 product can not open with snap software and show “unexpected Exception”
A java. lang.IllegalStateException exception has occurred.
Click Show Details or see the messages.log file

My snap version is 8.0.
Help me, please!!!
what should I do??

SNAP does not support Sentinel-5P natively… you can still read the data files using the NetCDF-CF “Generic Format” import feature, but you will not have access to any advance features.
In different terms SNAP supports Raster type data from RADAR (S1) and Optical Missions (S2, S3).

If you must work with Sentinel-5P data as well as many other types of Atmospheric data please have a look at the Atmospheric Toolbox.

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Thanks alot for your advice :pray:
Could I use the beam software
And change format products to NetCDF-CF and Export file than open with Snap ???
I did this work and product was opened in Snsp
But I’m not Sure about this!!!
I am afraid of the confusion of product values
Value of data doesn’t change???
I do not trust this method
Please give me your advice
Thanks for your answer

I am not an expert on the science behind these toolboxes, you will need to wait and see if someone in the community can help.
In the meantime perhaps you can ask the question in the Atmospheric Toolbox dedicated forum.?

Also Falah posted a very nice tutorial (on the use of Atmospheric Toolbox) on this other topic, perhaps this can help you.

I can also suggest that you try to pose your question clearly! Why do you need to open the S5P Products in SNAP? Are you trying do use them together with other data? Please explain the use-case so that people can understand it and provide adequate feedback.

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Thanks alot
Yes Of course
I want to open products and use graft builder and Reprojection and after that Save as ENVI
Please answer this majer question :pray:
Which software can open Sentinel 5p product?
Without any Error!!!
When I want to open or Import these product, software show {unexpected Exception} about java

Panoply will open netcdf and you can visualize in map form (not for exporting).
VISAN from the Atmospheric Toolbox is also good for visualization, and Harp for processing. See the PDF that cristianoLopes pointed out.

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Thanks alot