Sentienal 5p Raster Creation

Unable to create Raster from Sentienal 5p product. i’ve tried QGIS, ArcMap, CDO (Climate Data Operator), Python NetCDF4, python Xarray but all tools failed to extract variable from the sentienal 5p product. These tools can be easily used for handling other .nc Files, so why it is too hard to handle sentienal 5p product ?

Sentinel-5P is not supported by SNAP (the software for which this forum exists) you should have a look at the Atmospheric Toolbox and ask questions in their dedicated forum.
This doesn’t exclude that someone from the community will be able to help, or that (see hereafter) there aren’t some pieces of information in this forum that you can try to use… the search function is your friend.

We have had a recent discussion on this forum where panoply was also suggested by Ana B.

Also Falah posted a very nice tutorial (on the use of Atmospheric Toolbox) on this other topic, perhaps this can help you.

On this other topic, Sander working, for the atmospheric toolbox also provides some extra input.