Save Vector training samples - SNAP-8

Hello, I would like to create thematic map from 4 thematic classes using Random Forest
Classifier. I’m trying to create vector sample data in a Sentinel-2 image but even if I saved the image when I reopen it the Vector Data doesn’t contain the samples.
Please see the attached image. It illustrates the samples that I have collected (if I close and reopen the image the vector data disappears).

I’m using SNAP 8, win 10.
Thanks in advance

This might be the same underlying bug as SNAP 8 - cannot save vectors in dim. Are you saving
to dim format? Have you install the 8.0.1 updates?

Thanks for the promptly respond.
Yes, I have the last version 8.0.1 and also the image is in dim format.
When I’m trying to open the image with the saved vector training data I get an error message
about the “unknown vector geometry”. The training samples doesn’t exist in the “Vector Data”.
Please see the attached image.


this is currently a bug since SNAP 8. We are aware of this malfunction and work on a solution.

Thanks for the reply.
Also, it will be useful if the classification procedure (supervised Classification) took place without the need for reprojection in WGS84.

The issue should be solved with the 8.0.2 update of SNAP.
[SNAP-1369] Vector data cannot be restored from BEAM-DIMAP