SBAS-InSar processing in SNAP

It has been really a long wait! :rofl: :rofl::rofl:

We will support interfacing with PyRate in the future so unfortunately the wait not over yet, but it will come! The current target is SNAP8.0 that should be released in ~6 months.


for my research project I need to use the SBAS technique how would I implement it through SNAP

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the basic idea of SBAS is to create interferograms between all image pairs which fulfill defined criteria, e.g. perpendicular_baseline < 50 m and temporal baseline < 48 days. It is currently not implemented in SNAP to do this automatically and also the StaMPS export currently only allows single master stacks.

Multi-master functionalities are planned for future versions of SNAP, but not in the upcoming months.

Hello, Mr Abraun. I want to perform SBAS, and could you please tell me wheather SNAP version 7.0 now supports SBAS or not?

Thx in advance

SBAS export for StaMPS is not ready to use in the current version of SNAP.

Got it. So sorry

No problem, we are all so excited about it :wink:

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It will not be supported within SNAP 7.0 and the entire topic of multi-master interferograms are planned to be finished in SNAP 10 the latest (


Dear ABraun, May I know when SNAP 10 version will release?

I only know that SNAP 9 is scheduled for autumn 2021.


Could anyone describe the purposes of SBAS and how can I apply it in SNAP.

Currently, SNAP only supports PSI, please have a look here: StaMPS - Detailed instructions

Future versions of SNAP come with support of the PyRate environment which follows the SBAS approach: Output name errors when saving SNAP files for PyRate - #10 by SebBuchelt

is there any tutorial for how to work with PSI in SNAP ?

yes, several exist.

thanks for your help

@ABraun @thho

Can I know if SBAS interferograms can be generated using SNAP 8.0?
If not please kindly let me know which software can be used for generating SBAS interferograms to work with StaMPS as I plan on combining both PSI and SBAS using StaMPS for my thesis. Please kindly help me with this.

Please see this topic: Please test the SBAS_snap2stamps

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Hi, did you manage to preprocess data for SBAS StaMPS? Thanks.

No, I migrated to GMTSAR for performing SBAS.