Sen2Cor 02.08.00 Error during execution of Atmospheric Correction

Hi everyone,

During executing atmospheric correction with Sen2Cor 02.08.00, I got the message below even the process goes up to 100%, but nothing is done in the new folder created. What could be the issue here ? Thanx.
Note: Am using SNAP version 7.0

Please have a look at to many posts in though out using search function, in case you didn’t find any of them helps solving the sen2cor error and use, then continue here.

Please have look at these videos of implementing sen2cor




Thanx very much for you help, but still i could not perform atmospheric correction, i follow instruction on one of the youtube video about installing the bundle but it fail to install (please see the attached image).

pleace have a look at following post concerning the Plugin Installation

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Hi @aingela, please, could you share your log file in order to try to see what is not working properly?