Sen2Cor-02.08.00-Linux64 generates output with different naming convention (*_N9999_*)

I just found out that the newest Sen2cor Version 02.08.00 (Sen2Cor-02.08.00-Linux64) generates output files with different naming convention than usually, e.g.:
L1C: S2A_MSIL1C_20160728T120332_N0204_R023_T28RBS_20160728T120328.SAFE
L2A with Sen2cor Version 02.05.05:
L2A with Sen2cor Version 02.08.00:
Is this a bug or is a new naming convention planned for L2A?

Hello @michi
I have just seen this. I have used your Tile, and processed it up to L2A. I confirm your finding that the Processing Baseline returns 9999 as a value:


I will raise it with the Sen2Cor developers.

Thank your for highlighting it.



S2MPC Operations Manager.


Reading th SUM, It appears that you have to set the processing baseline on the command line, and that 99.99 is the default.

And the ESL_L2A confirm that it is not a bug, but a way to identify products generated in stand-alone mode and not by the PDGS. They note that with the previous version (2.5.5) it was only replicating the L1C baseline number.



Thank you very much for the clarification!!! To which SUM document do you refer to?