Sen2cor 2.3.1 restarting issue on SNAP 5.0.3 in windows 10

restarting sen2cor 2.3.1 GUI in SNAP 5.0.3 ist not working in windows 10

workarounds like

don’t fix that problem

the source paths are OK!

after complete uninstall of sen2cor and a reinstall it works
L2A products can be generated by sen2cor 2.3.1 GUI

still a failure of sen2cor after snap restart

Does anybody face similar problems and knows how to solve it or has the issue rewported above not been fixed yet?

buggy behaviour persists but

you don’t need to deinstall completely sen2cor, just uninstall and reinstall the snap external toolbox GUI and correct the source paths in the external toolbox manager for sen2cor

in addition to that, sen2cor implementation into SNAP deletes after closing and a restart of SNAP all stored file locations. therfore one has to re-edit these paths.