Sen2cor 2.8 resolution outputs

Hi all,

From the sen2cor documentation I have found conflicting(or unclear) information on how resolutions are treated in the command-line version of sen2cor v 2.8

It states (p.23):
The generated Level 2A BOA reflectance output images are resampled and generated with an equal spatial resolution for all bands, based on three user selectable resolutions of 10, 20 and / or 60m.
I would read this as “If I select [–resolution 10] all bands should be processed and, if 20m/60m original resolution, downsampled to 10m”

However if I process with [-- resolution 10] I seem to get a regular L2A Product with 10m 20m and 60m bands in their respective resolution.

at page 33 the arguments are listed (aswell in the [–help] in the command line):
–resolution {10,20,60}Target resolution, can be 10, 20 or 60m. If omitted,only 20 and 10m resolutions will be processed
I would read this as: “if I leave the argument [–resolution ] blank I should get a product without 60 m Bands”

However, no matter if I specify [-- resolution 10] or leave it blank (default) i seem to result the same output product. It opens in SNAP, it contains all Bands except B10 as it should, and comes in the native resolutions, so has to be resampled to combine all the bands in Image windows.

Can someone comment on that?
Am I understanding something wrong here and both different inputs should deliver the same output?

Thanks a lot,