Sen2Cor output resolution

I have the same confusion as what is posted at Sen2cor 2.8 resolution outputs but nobody has replied it yet. I want to use Sen2Cor 2.9 in standalone command line mode (because I want to use it in batch mode to process multiple scenes) and I want to get all my bands resampled at 10m, but the 10m folder only contains AOT/N02/B03/B04/B08/TCI/WVP, regardless of --resolution argument that I pass to L2A_process command.
How can I fix this issue?

The operation you want to do is called “Layer Stacking”.
Here’s how to do this with Envi.


Hello shahriar49,
I don’t know why Sen2Cor doesn’t do the resampling. This might be an issue in Sen2Cor.
You can resample the data afterwards in SNAP.
I’m not sure if the S2 Resampler works with the output of sen2cor. It works with official L2A data.
If not, the general Resampler should work too. Depending on your further usage the special handling of the view geometry might not be important anymore.

Sen2Cor 2.10 has been released meanwhile. Sen2Cor v2.10 – STEP (

Thanks Mustafa and Marpet for your replies.
I know there are other tools to do resampling, even I was able to do it in SNAP. All the point was to do it integrated with Sen2Cor to save run time. Sen2Cor said it has the capability to do it, but it does not do that. That is not a good practice.
I can not use Sen2Cor 2.10 as it can not process old data.

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Maybe @bdpg can comment on the missing resampling.

Dear shahriar49,

sorry, but Sen2Cor doesn’t has an option to resample all bands to 10m. You misunderstood the resolution argument. The default processing without resolution argument provides you the four 10m bands at 10m resolution and all bands at 20m resolution (except the 60m band B01 and B08; see S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-IODD-V2.8.pdf page 38ff). The resolution argument --resolution 20 skips the 10m processing for saving processing time providing you only the 20 m output. The resolution argument – resolution 10 skips the output of 20m resolution providing you only the four 10m bands for saving disk space if you are only interested in these 4 bands.
I see your point, but there is no fast solution. I can ask for adding the option providing all bands resampled to 10m for future Sen2Cor versions. Currently you can only proceed with a preprocessing resampling step.

Kind regards


@bdpg Thank you for your reply and clarification.

Hi bdpg

Is that mean i need to resample the Sen2cor output to 10 m using S2 resample tool in snap.

If that correct , so when i run Sen2cor i select 10 resolution , what this resolution mean , if i need to resample the output again to 10 m.

Thank you so much