Sen2Cor bundle installation failed

Hi everyone,

I have set a linux OpenSuse VM to try the sen2cor installation, without installing Anaconda or any other python environment.
I have successfully installed SNAP 6.0.0 and the sen2cor plugin, apparently with no problems.
Then I executed the bundle installation for Linux without modifying any parameters from the External tool Manager, but the installation after going up to the 100% gives me this result :

What was the problem with that? where can I find the application log? How could I solve this? Probably it is stuff for @ramona_manda @obarrilero. Thanks in advance!

You can find the log directory in Help->Show log directory. Do you get any warning there related to the installation?

I send you directly the log file, I hope it can help :slight_smile:

messages.log.1 (127.6 KB)
Here is the log file :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Unfortunately, the log says the download timed out (without any details). I am currently installing SNAP 6 on Linux, and want to test the installer. I will let you know when finished testing.

Reallt thanks! anyway the process was quite fast, it did not take a long time, I would not have expected that note…

Dear all,

The problem reported in this topic is an issue to the current Sen2Cor plugin (included in version 6.0.0) and impacts the Linux users. Following, I will describe here the work-around steps for this issue. This workaround will be included in the next update (probably 6.0.1) as a final solution (in that version, the users will not need to follow these steps).
So, if you have SNAP 6.0.0, please follow the steps to be able to install and use Sen2Cor module:

  • go to menu Tools -> Plugins
  • on the ‘Available Plugins’ tab, check the Sen2Cor plugin and click ‘Install’
  • after installing the plugin, restart SNAP
  • go to menu Tools -> Manage External Tools
  • click the Sen2Cor line in the table, and then the edit button in the right toolbar (it is the icon with a pen and a sheet of paper)
  • the Sen2Cor plugin window should be visible
  • go to tab ‘System Variables’
  • double-click the value of the variable SEN2COR_EXE. The edit window should be visible for the variable, change the ‘Linux value’ to ‘/bin/L2A_Process’ (it should have the same value as for MacOS). Press OK and the value will be changed in the ‘System variables’ tab
  • double-click the value of the variable USERPROFILE. The edit window should be visible for the variable, change the ‘Linux value’ to ‘/home/[your_user_name]’ (replace [your_user_name] with your user on the Linux machine and remove the brackets). Press OK and the value will be changed in the ‘System variables’ tab
  • double-click the value of the variable Sen2COR_HOME. Edit the value with an existing working directory, where the Sen2Cor plugin can create temporary files. Your current user must have full privileges in that working directory.
  • go to tab ‘Bundle Binaries’, click the […] button (edit button) in the right of the ‘Arguments’ value. The edit arguments form should be visible, fill in the content of the template as follows:
  • click the button ‘OK’ and the editing form will close
  • back to the plugin window, click ‘OK’ to save the changes to the plugin
  • run the Sen2Cor plugin (either from the menu or from the external tools table) and agree with the bundle installation

That should be all. I tested it on my Linux machine. If someone else is testing it, please confirm that this is working on other machines.


Actually the whole procedure makes the installation be successful. Then I have tested sen2cor internally to SNAP and I have properly obtained a L2A product , with 60 m resolution.

Thanks @ramona_manda for the detailed support and the quick feedback actions in the last few days.
I will udpat this thread about a further step … the attempt of integrating snappy with sen2cor in Anaconda.

Hi, I have the same problem with windows. Is there any solution to solve it on windows as well?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I compiled all steps to integrate sen2cor 2.4 in SNAP 6 here, maybe it helps: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

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