Sen2cor compatibility

We are planning to install sen2cor 2.5 and sen2cor 2.8 parallel, so users can choose which version to use. Would anybody know how the different S2 L1C processing baselines are compatible with the different versions of sen2cor?

New sen2cor 2.8 is recently released, and it’s suggested to use, please take a look at the following post,

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But put in mind that the recent version has problem as it’s explained in the following thread, the issue is under investigation,

Source of the thread

Ok, thanks, that clarifies it a bit. In that post it is also mentioned that:

As explained by @kraftek, Sen2Cor version 2.8.0 contains new features and improvements respect to Sen2Cor v2.5.5 but it doesn’t support some old products.

So I would like to know how old these old products these are, or what processing baseline. It is also asked at the bottom of that issue, but no one answered yet.

Please take a look here,