Sen2cor error--no module named osgeo.gdal_array

then i type pip list,the result is:

don not have the module,then i type conda install osgeo.gdal_array,the result is:

What should i do??help…thank you!!!

is gdal in your pip list?

If not you could try conda install gdal or pip install gdal but maybe something went wrong in your first installation.
Do you have other Python versions on your computer?

you mean that i should remove other python versions on my computer?just use the anaconda??

yeah,i have another python version on my computer,so i will remove it,and try again…thank you!!

i installed again,but another error occured:

when i run the sen2cor,it shows:

i reset my location of python.exe

then i run the sen2cor,but it shows the same problem:

we have had this ‘ascii codec’ error already somewhere in this forum but I remember that we didn’t find a solution.

now i am upset!!i have installed the sen2cor many times,but everytime the mistake will occur…but when i type L2A_process --help,it did not show any mistake(see below),so i guess maybe the sen2cor-2.2.1 file has some problem???it is lack of something???

do you have any special characters in your paths?
Edit: According to your screenshots above, not.

i think the paths are right…so now i don not know how to do next…i plan to have a try on other computers…maybe it has somthing to do with computers!!hope me good luck!!!haha

i want ask another question: can other software deal with the sentinel data???only the snap can do it???

If you mean with Sentinel data “Sentinel-2” datasets. Then the images are available as JP2 images in the folder GRANULE and you can open and process them with any programme you like :slight_smile:


Actually, i want to do the atmospheric correction of the sentinel-2 data…

Ok, as much as I know there is only sen2cor available. But you may find an other tool too. :slight_smile:

i run the sen2cor on another computer,and i make it!!see the picture below,does it mean that i succeed???

congratulations - looks fine!

If the module runs correctly it should at least produce a classified scene. You find it under Bands > quality > quality_scene_classification. Here is a nice overview regarding the outputs:

and another question: when i successfully run the sen2cor to make the atmospheric correction, what is the output image??i do not
know where is the output image???

If you did not change anything in the L2A_GIPP file, then the output will be in the same directory of your input file. But the Name will be changed. Instead of “S2A _ OPER _ MTD _ SAFL1C _ PDMC _ …” you will have a directory similar to “S2A _ USER _ MTD _ SAF L2A _ PDMC _ …”

yeah,i get the classified scene(see below),but then i have another question,i want to show it in ENVI software,but the type of the output image is also ********.xml,but it can not open in ENVI,so i wonder how could i turn it to the tiff type???thank you!!