Sen2cor fatal error with DEM

if I specify a DEM in the L2A_GIPP.xml config file and then run sen2cor a fatal error occurs. It seems it can’t recognize the gdalwarp command. Any idea?

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i encountered the same problem. I took a look at and as far as i understand, the function gdalDEM() is trying to call gdal from shell (Lines 1000-1004):
callstr = command + arguments + srtmf_src + self._DEV0 if(, shell=True) != 0): self.config.tracer.fatal(shell execution error using gdalwarp') self.config.exitError() return False
sen2cor is downloading dem data from the server to SEN2COR_HOME\dem and unzipping is working too.
It seems there are some problems for sen2cor to access my gdal library giving the fatal error “shell execution error using gdalwarp
sen2cor is running without Terrain Correction on 20 and 60 m resolution.

Environment Variables:


Trace and Report file

L2A_20160121T120840_trace.xml (1.6 KB)L2A_20160121T120840_report.xml (6.3 KB)

Any ideas on how to solve the problem?

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I think this issue was identified as a problem by the developers and hopefully will be solved soon. Please take a look at this post:


Thanks for the hint Gabbro. Seems like i missed that one.

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the problem with DEM is in system because on my first computer everything works fine but second it doesn’t work. On every computer I have windows 10 ;]

i think i found (with my friend) solution for error in command line using DEM “shell execution error using gdalwarp”. I don’t know why but when you install sen2cor program doesn’t indicate where is the path for gdalwarp.exe file(it affects only part of computer Not at all). We have to show where is gdalwarp file. I prepared short guide how to do that. I hope that it will be helpful for you. It is for windows 10 64 bit system but i think it’s similar for windows 8.


Guide.pdf (448.4 KB)


thank you kiry23l!


Hi. I have find an error related to “gdalwarp”, so I have applied the solution from the guide, but the error still occurs. When processing using DEM (SRTM, by default), Sen2cor answers:

Someone have a solution?

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