Sen2Cor - pixel values of overlapping area

Hi all,

Just wondering, why the pixel value of an overlapping area between two continuous L2A tiles of the same scene is different.
Since the pixel value of L1C overlapping tiles is the same, I suppose that Sen2Cor toolbox will keep these similarity.
Where is the mistake of my reasoning?


Hi Apostolis,

the reason is that Sen2Cor computes each tile separately with atmospheric parameters which depend on each tile, so they can be different. Please, see , I think it can help you.

Dear Omar

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I made the relative changes at the configuration file, as you suggested me, but the results are the same.



I have the same issue: 2 overlapping tiles with similar pixel values on the overlapping area, but after running Sen2Cor and creating the L2A tiles, the values are very different.
Does anyone have a solution for this? It would be much appreciated!


as also suggested here - are the same histogram stretches applied in the colour manipulation tab? Same min/max values should be chosen.