Sen2Cor reference page

Dear Sen2Cor Users,

From April 2023, the Sen2Cor Developers Team will provide a support to the Sen2Cor Users within this STEP forum. Before opening a new thread, please read the information below and the FAQs page that will be regularly populated and updated.

Sen2Cor Latest Version

SenCor 2.11 is the latest availabe version of Sen2Cor. You can download the latest version of Sen2Cor at this link: Sen2Cor v2.11 – STEP

Frequently Asked Questions

A new pinned page with Frequently Asked Questions is available at this link: Frequently Asked Questions

Sen2Cor Updates and News

Information on Sen2Cor updates and news will be placed in this section.


  • Users’ requests will be processed on a weekly basis (i.e. a delay of one week between the aknowledgement of the request and an answer may be expected)

  • We support Sen2Cor Versions >= 2.10.01

  • Devs will support the users mainly on technical issues (installation problems, bugs reports, basic configuration, …)

  • We kindly ask Users to go through the FAQs before opening a new ticket. They may already find answers to their questions.

  • Devs will update this Reference Page with further information if any change in the service will occur

  • We kindly ask to address SNAP related configurations/issues to the SNAP team

  • Bank Holidays may delay the processing as no support is planned during these times.

When opening a ticket:

Please try to follow the format below by providing (this format will help Devs to better support your request):

  • Information on the version of Sen2Cor in use
  • Information on the platform (linux, windows)
  • Command lines used (e.g. options used, etc. etc.)
  • Log that results from running the L1C product on your version of Sen2Cor
  • L2A_GIPP.xml file
  • L1C product full name (e.g. S2B_MSIL1C_20220304T071159_N0400_R020_T38LRH_20220713T214644.SAFE)
  • Any information that may be useful

Example of a ticket’s title:
[Sen2Cor version][linux] problem/question