Sen2cor2.2.1 install error

Hi all,
I have installed the new updates sen2cor 2.2.1 on my PC windows 7 64-bit but I get the erorr as below despite that I have installed the Anaconda 2.7 ,and the instillation was successful as described in the following pdf. Page 36.Actually, I cannot download sen2cor2.2.0 following S2PAD-VEGA-SUM-0001-2.2 pdf36 , so I installed sen2cor 2.2.1instead. However, could any one please see the error below and tell me what is I am missing ?
And I also wonder if the versions of sen2cor and python can run successfully in windows 7?

that looks that you have several python versions installed. Many programs run their own python installation.
Did you use the Anaconda installer?

please enter pip list in your command shell and see which numpy version is listed.

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Dear ABraum,
I installed python following the course And I have done as your advice as below.But the error is still exist . What should Ido next? Should I uninstall and reset them now?

pip uninstall numpy

and then

pip install numpy

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Like this?Is it ok?What should i do next?

at least the numpy error is now gone.

Please open Tools > Manage external tools > Sen2Cor > Edit and post a screenshot of the tab System variables

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Ok.Juat like this. Any problem with it?

Please check the full paths to your Keys: Are there any special characters.

A second thing you can try is to place the full path of your python installation into your PYTHON_BIN:

This helped in another case:

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I am sorry. I cannot understand your meaning very well.
Is there any special characters in it?

I don’t see special characters but the error message above “ascii codec can’t decode…” was suspicious.

Try to put this into the PYTHON_BIN variable: F:\Anaconda2\python.exe
instead of just python.exe

then save it and run it again.

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I tried to debug program according to the error message. It is working now as follows. I am very grateful for your selfless help.And I have other questions to ask you .
1 . Would you please tell me the flow of sentinel2 processing with SNAP?
2. It is difficult for me to understand English, so I feel uncertain if it has done atmospheric correction successfully. would you please give me advice or comments?

I’m glad to hear that it works. However, the new error message again indicates that somewhere there are special characters.
There is a folder where the results are displayed. To me it is

Can you check if there is a similar folder on your PC? Maybe there’s some special character in your windows username.
What is the location of your data? Please check the whole path or you can also post it in here.

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Thank you…


I’m already done installing the sen2cor, but I always encounter this kind of error. What should I do?
Thank you very much.

Please have a look here: Sen2cor installation problem - Glymur library missing

thank you for the quick response @ABraun