Sen2Cor2.5.5 Error

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Dear all;
I have problem with running Sen2Cor. In middle of process i received an error.I am sending the image of error:

Do you knew how i can solve it?
thank you


I cannot see which is the specific path that your system is not able to find, but it seems that there is some missing information in your product.


My problem has been solved.

Thank you so much.

Hello elahech,
how did you solve that problem?
i installed sen2cor tool via external tool location in SNAP (1st image)

I also created a sub folder called sen2cor in C:users/Theodor/documents.
Then i choose a MSI L1C product from the list using SNAP, the process starts but very shortly after 10sec
the process stops and a message appears. (2st image)

Both the sen2cor toolbox & the plugin have been installed successfully.

This problem related PC. l had restarted my computer than the error resolved.

Thx a lot for replying elahech, i can’t solve that prob though.

Hi Elahech and Thiseas
Is there sen2cor developed for 32 bit computer processor?

I guess not, sen2cor is operable at 64bit systems,you better ask an administrator user though.

In this post, Uwe Müller-Wilm stated that only 64Bit is supported. He is one of the main responsible persons for this project.

ok thank you marpet

Thank you Thiseas