I have installed sen2cor280 in SNAP 8 and run it from optical. But it is not working. I can’t understand where is the gap. Please any one help me.

Your screenshot shows SNAP8 with a successful run.
What is the actual problem? What is not working? Is there an error message?
Are you referring to SNAP8 or SNAP7? Why don’t you use a more recent sen2cor version?
Sen2Cor – STEP (
Sorry for so many questions but it is necessary to help you.
Probably, I can’t help, because I’m not familiar with sen2cor, but your answer will help others to help you.

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Thank you so much for asking all these questions. I am so sorry that I mentioned SNAP 7 in my post.
Actually it is SNAP 8.
I am a new user of sen2cor, just started yesterday. I have followed instruction to install sen2cor found in forum (link).

According to this instruction Atmospherically corrected output should be saved automatically with product name “2A”. But it is not happening in my case. It gives “Output product” and require to save.
Besides, the display execution output is showing some error and “finishing tool execution in 0 second”.
There was no error message.
I need to know that , is this “Output product” atmospherically corrected?
Is I am on the right way?