Sentinel 1 Mosaic

Hi I am a new SAR user and am interested in any Sentinel 1 editing & mosaic building tutorials that you can recommend.

Basic tutorials on SNAP

Mosaic with slice assembly

Topic on S1 mosaicing


Thank you very much. These are exactly what I needed. Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

I got this error while running Slice Assembly operator

Kindly help how to proceed with this.

I got this error when I tried mosaicing two separate path

I apply mosaic for 2 products that acquired on 21 Aug 2018, after the preprocessing steps calibration>speckle filtering>range doppler terrain correction. But in the output metadata the date is displayed as 1 Jan 2000. What is the error?

Are you working with the BEAM DIMAP format?

Yes sir. I am working with the BEAM DIMAP format.

If both are from the same track you better use S1 Slice Assembly to maintain the metadata

Ok sir. Before doing S1 Slice Assembly, what is the required preprocessing steps?

You can apply it directly after calibration.

When I apply S1 Slice Assembly I got this error.

Please try the uncalibrated products as input then.

If I give the uncalibrated products as input, the output displaying only one product of the input and after run it displaying as follows.

You were not giving me enough information, I didn’t know that you are using subsets.

Please try the original product without any preprocessing.

There is also an explanation in the SNAP help about every operator

It’s not ultimately clear, but I think the operator needs the original products. One you performed the Slice Assembly you can apply the subset of the area you need.

Got the output.
Thank you very much ABraun sir.

I am attempting to mosaic 2 scene Sentinel 1A for the first time. I used 2 sub-IW Image for each of the 2 images (total 4 images). I did preprocessing for all 4 scenes separately (split>cal>deb>ML>SPK>TC) and tried to use
Raster>geometric operations>mosaicing
also tried RADAR>geometric>SAR Mosaic (because i dont know yet the difference between two different mosaic options here)
But i am getting various errors that i cant understand or the mosaic is messed up.
I dont see the other band in band chooser for the other image as shown below

or other errors such as:

I cant figure out what am i doing wrong here.
I appreciate any help or walk through the process !

rename both bands to Sigma0_VV, save the product and try again. This should at least solve the error message.

I renamed using the band math function keeping the expression as the band itself, considering thats the way to rename a band in SNAP. (Is it the right way?) Now both the images are black.

is there an alternative to mosaic the study area, please let me know.
Shall i download the GRD product instead and try Raster>>geometric>>Mosaicing on the calibrated product and then do the rest of the preprocessing (ML,spk and TC).
I am not sure if slice assembly is specifically for mosaicing. I am assuming it works only for SLC. Am i wrong?
I have exported it as tif to ARCGIS but i get this mosaic.

I would really appreciate it if any direction could help me mosaic my study area to proceed with further processing.
Thankyou in advance!

maybe it is just low contrast?

But yes, for the retrieval of backscattering, GRD products are sufficient and probably easier to handle.