Sentinel-1 noise - can it be removed?

I have come across a number of images which have defects in the VH channel, and I don’t know what it comes frome, and hence what to do about it. However, it is present in many images, but so far I have only noticed it in the VH channel. It appears in both SLC and GRD images, and hence it seems to appear before any user processing steps.

This screen shot is a GRD image, S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20190126T162118_20190126T162143_025651_02D94B_D801

The procedure I have tried afterwards includes precision orbit, radiometric calibration and terrain flattening…
Any further suggestions?
I was looking for other posts on this subject but couldn’t find one, although this should be widely known and discussed already. If so, please merge the posts or close this one.

Hi, the ‘noise’ you mention is cause by Radio Frequency Inteference (RFI) from a source on the ground. Further discussion can be found at Stripes near Copenhagen (or search for RFI on this forum). Unfortunately, RFI cannot be removed from S1 processed imagery.

aha, thanks for your quick reply. They appeared at different locations in many of the images, so they might be due to varying sources, but that’s all I wanted to know. Many thanks.