Sentinel-1 OCN product

Dear all,

I am trying to work with a Sentinel-1 IW OCN product, aiming to visualize the wind speed map.
Apparently it is not easy to visualize it on SNAP: the image is flipped and if I try to reproject and extract it as a geotiff, the outcome is not well georeferenced.
I am not even able to open the netcdf file on qgis.
Any tool or algorithm on Snap that I am not aware of?
What do you suggest?

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From the View -> Tool Windows menu, open the WorldWind Analysis View. It should visualize the opened OCN products.

Thank you Iveci. I already tried.
Here a screenshot…not very clear what I am visualizing.
What do you think?

Hi all,

any news about this?
Many thanks!

Hi Michele
have you found out the solution?

Hi, I am also unable to use the plugin. The plugin seems to freeze and no visualization is possible. I tried to go to the help site but the NASA site that should detail how to update the required windows drivers does not seem to exist anymore?

I also unable to use WorldWind Analysis View for this SENTINEL 1A LEVEL 2 OCN. Could you help me? I am a new user of SNAP.

This is my (1.3 MB)

My print of SNAP:

Hi @michele_roma,

Maybe this has been already solved in the meanwhile, but in any case - if I’ve well understood your issue, that was also mine - this one could be the solution: Reading and mapping OCN products - Windmap - #15 by carloc